Hi I’m Kate

I am a yoga teacher with a passion for cultivating self-love, body positivity, and empowerment in women.  Fun fact?  I have a knack for waking people up.  

Most importantly? I am a HUMAN.  Always learning. Always growing. Always falling on my face and getting back up again. I want to share my growth with you, growing pains and all.


I fell in love with myself and my life...and after 400+ hours of self study and yoga teacher training, months of travel, years of nutritionists and coaches, and a relationship, career and apartment left behind in the greater Bay Area of California...I am ready to share!

Currently living on the road in US, Europe and Mexico, I want to open up about my journey, my yoga, my travels and my discoveries with you, in hopes that you too can WAKE UP from the life you are living. 


This is my passion and reason for taking conversation, "too far."  I didn't give up my life as I knew it in order to keep quiet... Let me be a mirror for your own journey. THIS YOGA IS A WAY OF LIFE.

So are you ready to connect?


Follow my BLOG for up to date travel locations and adventures. 


Reach out for a private session.  I teach one on one yoga classes that specialize in body scan mediations, connected breath, body awareness and interpersonal connection. Email direct to book a session.


Schedule a consultation for an opportunity to talk one on one.  I offer personalized coaching via Skype sessions for Women's Self Care. Coaching covers mindful eating techniques, meditation, self care regimens, Ayurveda influenced nutrition and personal development plans.  


1 hour yoga for digestion private

1 hour sensual flow private or couple 

small group classes scheduled by request  


contact me 

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