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Whoever knows me, knows I am a Psychology geek! I love reading about human behavior, studying people in daily connections and interactions, and listening to podcasts about why humans do what they do.  I am constantly testing out new ways to motivate others but also how to make people tick (yes, it's true!) If you are close to me, you have experienced me trying to challenge you at some, pushing you to your edge or out of your comfort zone, doing something strange to get a reaction out of you, or trying to get you to question your reality without ever telling you what I have already figured out about your behavior.


Story short, if you are reading this, you are a human and you fascinate me. 


Anyways... books, podcasts, a B.A. in psychology and a year working as a Registered Behavior Therapist aside, the Balinese have taught me more about human behavior than any University class or book ever could.  And how does this relate to you?  If you understand yourself, you understand other humans, and if you understand other humans and what gets them going, you can change your life; career, relationships, your lifestyle...everything. 


The Balinese give insight into the biggest secret there is to getting anything and everything you could ever want in life; KINDNESS.  Yes, that's right, it is that simple.  People respond to positive reinforcement, and the more you give, the kinder you are, the more that comes back to you...and the abundance is never ending.


Even more interesting?


Kindness can even change your physical attractiveness (there is a series of really fascinating studies conducted by social psychologists Kevin Kniffin and David Sloan Wilson, in which they address this very issue.)  Strengthening the content of your character may be the most effective thing you can do to increase your beauty.   


Now you know the Balinese's secret, here is the how to harness the ultimate kindness power; KARMA.



Karma definition for dummies: "Karma is getting what you give~if you're mean, you get bad karma~bad things happen. If you're kind & nice, you'll get good karma~good things will happen." -- Urban Dictionary 


Balinese cultures are very complex and based on the unique Hindu Religion. The main religion practiced in Bali is a form of Hinduism called Agama Hindu Dharma, strongly ruled by their belief in karma. The Balinese are extremely devout and no day goes by without making offerings to the gods.  They spend HOURS every morning, creating offerings to give back to the gods of nature, creation, protection and creativity in order to show their gratitude  These daily offerings – called Banten are a major part of Balinese life.


 You will see these offerings nearly everywhere in Bali.  They are made from flowers, cigarettes, cookies, rice and even sometimes money. The actual items used are not as important as the process of making and offering it to the spirits. Therefore, these offerings are given to the good spirits in hopes of continued prosperity as well as to the evil spirits as an appeasement.


Take away?  Learn from the Balinese and apply this simple gesture of giving, gratitude and kindness to everyone you are surrounded by; your family, the person you are in a relationship with (including yourself), your co-workers, and even the asshole in front of you at Trader Joe's check out line.  KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS.  Pay for the guy's groceries who cut you off in line.  Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror with bedhead hair and a bloated tummy and say, "My goodness you are sexy." Harness it, believe it.  Buy your aggressive boss coffee, find something, anything, positive about them that you are grateful for that you can compliment them on. Tell your reactive, overprotective, afraid of affection (INCREDIBLY SUPPORTIVE) parents that you love them.  These simple acts of kindness will change your life; they have changed mine. 







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