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Wake Up

May 22, 2018

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Wake Up

May 22, 2018

If you know me, you know that...


Half-heartedness isn't an ingredient for my existence.



I cultivate passion and follow it. Create it. Feel all the feels, because you need to sit in the depths of the darkness in order to feel the lightest of light. 



So once again I am deciding to share with you and get loud.



Wake up.


And don't go back to sleep.





I write this while at a crossroad.  I had one of the toughest weeks of my life.  The events of this week will determine the course of the next several months of my life, and the lives of my family, but also determine the path I need to take.  I want to share my process with you, as in a state of emotional depletion I started searching externally for answers, until once again I remembered...I know my decision.  I have these tools.  This is what I know, it is my passion sharing these and I am called to share.  So in the process of making a decision or feeling stuck? 



STEP 1: Get Quiet.


Go inward.


Follow your intuition, especially when it doesn't make sense.


It's not always logical.  It whispers, so you need to be quiet. 


There is that niggling feeling that's always there at 3am.


You've heard this call for a long time.


It's time to act on it now.


And show up everyday, because your answer will get clearer and clearer, but you need to show up. 


The moment you have a crap day, getting quiet, space from the noise or cultivating meditation can be first to slide but its time to act on it and realize it is essential. 


Meditate?  If you think you don't know how, just sit and breathe. Or don't sit at all. Go outside. Swim. Write. Create.  Move.  Feel.  Anything.  But be by yourself, find your space, YOUR meditation, your breath, and listen from there. 



Your decision and what you need to do is in that area you are MOST resisting.  




Wake up.




Step 2:  Ask yourself what lights you up, who lights you up, where you find light 


I often hear people talk to me about a space they are in, in their work. 


Shadow career. 


In their relationship...


Stagnant but comfortable relationship. Someone who is not the one but is temporary.


You know how that sounds?  What it feels like? 


That person who is currently a project for you to shape because it is easier than working on yourself.  That career that you are in that is kind of what you like to do but it is kind of not. 


You want to be a writer but you're sharing someone else's stories, or doing editorial.  You want to create change and inspire people, but you are sitting behind a desk working long hours for little pay and don't have a voice.  Not having a voice is your choice, is your story and the role you choose to follow. I know it because I have lived it before, and I have also walked away, from that relationship, and career, because it was no longer my story...and yet alignment takes constant practice, constant awareness, or you are forced to learn lessons over and over again...


I know that I want to create change and inspire people.  There is a difference between doing the light and BEING the light. 


So what inspires you, what lights you up?



Wake up.


Step 3: Embrace your weirdness 


Because normally that is your truth, your path, your decision...



I actually believe no one is normal but a whole bunch of people try. 


Our weirdness is who we are, we all have a personal brand; our spirit.  


It is time to embrace it.


My weirdness?


Being loud. 


Giggling. It's strange.  I like getting deep but I see the humor in everything.


Dancing in obscure ways. 


Conversation that makes people uncomfortable.  Being a mirror for them to see themselves and their lives.  


Not wearing shoes.  I am constantly searching for grounding.  I like trees.  


Getting people comfortable with sexuality, health education, and individuality...this should be normal...


Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. 


If you are reading this, send me five things that light you up. 


And recap:


1) Get quiet 

2) Ask yourself, what lights me up?

3) Embrace your weirdness 


I write for me.  I share for you. These are the inner workings of my mind written from my comfy bed, but actually from my heart. 






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